Step by Step guide to installing your BabyDam
  • Ensure your bath is clean and dry.

  • Gently wet your suction pads.

  • Flex the BabyDam and place in desired position.

  • Release from flex and watch as it takes the shape of the bath.

  • Push down firmly from the top to secure the seals around the sides.

  • Push down firmly on the suction pads to secure the BabyDam.

  • Run your finger along the seal to ensure a good seal with no bubbles.

  • Fill your bath.

  • To remove, gently pull on both suction cup tabs to break the seal.

  • Remove, rinse and allow to dry.

BabyDam fits most standard household baths to a maximum width of 58cm.

BabyDam WIDE fits baths with an inside width between 58cm and 68cm.

Baths must have parallel sides. ( free standing, egg-shaped ovals are not ideal )

BabyDam is not suitable for baths with textured surfaces or made from stone / granite.

BabyDam is a bath divider with the sole intent being to reduce water consumption. 

The BabyDam is NOT a safety device and is not intended to be a back / sitting support for baby.

An adult should always be within arms reach of a child bathing.

BabyDam SA as well as BabyDam International can not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained during use.

BabyDam should be removed after every bath and rinsed clean of soap suds and left to dry.

Trading as BabyDam SA is the official importer and distributor of BabyDam across South Africa and Namibia.

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