BabyDam is a unique bath divider that turns your adult bath into your babies bath.  Designed to be lightweight and easy to install, the BabyDam can be used from birth to child allowing you to fill only what you need and save water by not filling the whole bath.

Will it fit my bath?


BabyDam fits in most standard South African, parallel sided baths.  To find out if the BabyDam will fit your bath, measure the inside diameter, in the middle and halfway up.  If you get 58cm or less, then the BabyDam should secure well.

Is it easy to install?


The BabyDam is a lightweight, flexible device that takes 3 seconds to install and 2 seconds to remove. 

Its simple: Flex, Fit, Fill!

Watch this video on how to install your BabyDam.

Ready to buy?


BabyDam is easy to purchase.  Choose from one of these three options.  




Through an AGENT near you

Trading as BabyDam SA is the official importer and distributor of BabyDam across South Africa and Namibia.

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